Subscribe Monthly Jewelry Boxes

Subscribe Jewelry BoxesSubscribe Monthly Fashion Jewelry Boxes

All of us love sweet surprises as long as it is given by someone else. When we have to shop for something for ourselves, then we often do not like it. Subscribe Monthly Boxes Fashion Jewelry of Summonbox. In this subscription, you get a box each month that contains surprise jewelry. You can continue this subscription by paying the monthly subscription amount. With our awesome boxes, you can expect a new thing to look forward to every month.

Benefits of Jewellery subscription boxes

Jewelry adds a unique style to your entire look and outfit. Buying jewelry is a tiresome process, because you have to go to the mall that seems impossible with a busy schedule. By subscribing to monthly jewelry boxes, you will get a brand new set of jewelry right at the doorstep.

Personalized Fashion Collection

Well, it is a fact that all of us want something in jewelry, which matches our taste. Summonbox has made this difficult task simple. Right here, we make sure to present our valuable customers with equally precious jewelry. You will get the jewelry that matches your style. So now could be the time, in which you can join our monthly subscription box and get all you want.

No extra cost

Summonbox, as compared to others, have no hidden cost on any jewelry. Jewelry is a precious possession. We give you shining gems that permit you to show off your trend-setting, when you put it on anywhere. So, right here, we do not hide anything from our customers.

Priced for your pocket

The price of jewelry falls within your budget. You get to pay the price of 5 items at the cost of 1 thing. Our commitment is to impress our customers with quality and a gleaming piece of jewelry that will help you to shine without compromising your lifestyle.

Free shipping

Absolutely right! Subscribe Monthly Boxes of Fashion Jewelry and get the box delivered every month without any delivery costs.

  • You get 4 pieces of premium jewelry per month that have the value over $50
  • You get independent jewelry box for each piece of jewelry
  • A gift card is also included
  • You can cancel the subscription anytime
  • You get birthday gift bonus as well

So, subscribe to our monthly jewelry box now!