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Our concept

Fashion is like flowing water, formless, shapeless and endless.

We are here right for people who wants to surf on the edge of fashion wave with an affordable price but without distraction from your leisure life. Boxes of jewelry and accessories flow to your door every month just like the endless water, but the excitement of unwrapping your monthly box will never fade.

We think most people like something fresh and new, especially in fashion products, so we are here to help people who are struggling in finding fashionable jewelry, who wanna saving time in searching product fit for them, who want saving money for real deal, what we do is to keep you on the cutting edge of fashions and save your money, all you have to do is subscribing to our plans, and waiting for the box delivered to your door every month, enjoy the freedom of fashion, build a beautiful life of your style.

Jewelry Boxes Subscription for Women

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Address: NO.17 Xing Guo Road, Ganzhou, JX, China

Phone: +86 18870707366

Email: admin@summonbox.com